Sunday, May 31, 2009

girls girls girls

My girls are doing great. Frankie is getting along great since her incident. Elizabeth is well Elizabeth. She has four and a half days left of school. She can not wait. Summer vacation is around the corner. I am praying Frankie will have a good heal.
I think God lets things like this happen to slow us down and realize he can take what we love and can not live without away from us. He does this to remind us that we are not steering in the right direction and forgetting about him. Eliz and I have not read the Bible in a while. We used to read it every night before bed. Need to get back into routine.
I missed work and will return tomorrow. I wonder how its gonna be.....

cake...chocolate cake

I love my girls like a fat kid loves cake......chocolate cake

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is May 30 and on May 28th I got what every mother does not want to get from the babysitter. THE DREADFULL CALL. My mother who is the babysitter along with my brother called me at work and the first thing she says to me is DONT BE SCARED BUT.... so of course I am terrified. Frankie my beautiful, so precious, innocent, perfect eyed, small, tiny not a care in the world because she has the best mama, 17 month old somehow smashed her little 2.5 inch left pinky. Her finger nail was off my mother said. I rushed there and back to the ER. I did not see the extent of the injury because it was wrapped in a bandage and wanted to get to emergent care as soon as possible. When the nurse took the bandage off I threw up in my mouth. I could not believe what I had saw. I dont even wanna explain how her little pinky looked. Thanks to God and how great he is to children she did not feel any pain to the er and while in the er. That is until they came in to give her four shots to numb her baby finger. Two shot in the front and two shots in the back. They stitched her "this little piggy went crying all the way home"back together. My brother feels so guilty its making him sick. My brother, whom means the world to me and my girls who will be the death of me, is in a fragile state himself. I love him so much. I have to be strong and put on a front that everything is so fine for him. But when I am alone I cry so hard. I cant sleep. Her finger keeps popping in my head. I wake up from dreaming about it. I cry in the shower. I want my girl to be able to paint all 10 fingernails, not 9. I am so mad why did this happen. I hate changing her dressing because I obviously relive the whole freak incident. The second time we where in the er this time Elizabeth was with me. We were waiting for the discharge papers and Eliz was watching me pace back and forth with Frankie in my arms so tight. She said so sure of herself "i will give my life for her". She made me stop in my tracks I could not beleive she just said that. Elizabeth can be pretty selfish. I told her would also in a heartbeat for them both and then we had a moment of tears.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just created this blog

So I am totally new to this. I just created this today. What can I say ummm. Well I have two beautiful girls. Of course I am gonna say that. Elizabeth Corryn is 8, will be 9 this summer. She is an awsome butt. I couldn't ask for another butt. Frankie Olivia is 16 months. She will be the big 2 in December. Not looking forward to it. She is the baby and I don't want her to grow up. Speaking of butts shes the biggest between them two. I am married and have been for umm let me think. Just kidding for 8 1/2 years. My husband's name is Frank. Okay heres the mushy part, we were high school sweethearts. More like jr high school. Well time for dinner. We will see what tomorrow brings. God Bless